Outer Banks North Carolina Wedding Photographer | Sarah D’Ambra Photography | David and Erin Married in Salvo, NC!

What can I say? Erin and David really are perfect for each other. I knew this the day I met them for our engagement session. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already! Their intimate wedding ceremony was situated in the romantic dunes of  Salvo, NC. Although the weather was hot, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! Bight and sunny and concluded with a killer sunset. From maps, to wildflowers, DIY dinner and their precious dogs… I’m stoked to finally be able to share their wedding images. Here are a few of my favorites! ENJOY!

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Outer Banks North Caolina Wedding Photographer | Sarah D’Ambra Photography | Sound of an Era – Styled Shoot

Well, I finally jumped on the “wedding-photographer-band-wagon” and organized a styled shoot. It seems like that’s what all the cool photographers are doing these days, so I figured I better get in… I also was blessed with the opportunity to submit this styled shoot to Outer Banks Bride Magazine and they delightfully published it! ( SO UNEXPECTED! ) A few posts back I uploaded some images of the actually publication and the feature… here are a few additional shots that were included in the shoot! This is one of those shoots that we are extremely proud of! And if I  may say so myself, I think it perfectly showcases our unique style and displays what set’s SDP apart from other photographers. Thanks to our lovely model and her “she’s defiantly got it” skills, Honeysuckle Events for your amazing taste in all things vintage, unique decor and whimsical floral arrangements. Couldn’t have done it with out either of you gals! Enjoy!


Outer Banks North Carolina Wedding Photographer | Sarah D’Ambra Photography | Woodsy Engagement Session in Nags Head Woods

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can’t believe I’m sitting down to blog our 1st post in 2016. 2015 year flew by so incredibly quickly! 

I am so happy to be welcoming Erin and David into the SDP family! We photographed their engagement session in late December on a absolutely perfect warm winter day. We settled on Nags Head Woods for their shoot location and I’m so glad we did!! After walking about 20 minutes to the perfect spot that Erin and David picked out I knew that the secluded sound front landing was going to be perfectly adorable. Even though I fell into the water… and almost broke my ankle we were still able to get some cozy woodsy winter engagement photos in! I also was completely obsessed with their two sweet babies they brought along with them. A perfect little family of four! I loved how both of their dogs wanted to be just as included in the photos as David and Erin. You’ll be able to see that in several of their images! Looking forward to this summer when we photograph their outer banks wedding! Here are a few photos from their woodsy engagement session in Nags Head Woods. 


Outer Banks North Carolina Wedding Photographer | Sarah D’Ambra Photography | Wedding ceremony and reception at 108 Budleigh in Manteo, NC!

I honestly spoke too soon! Here I was thinking that I was blogging the last 2015 wedding of the year and sure enough we just booked one for December! Yay us! Regardless, I am so happy to finally be able to share the wedding photos from Cody and Jenilee’s wedding in downtown Manteo, North Carolina. They held their wedding ceremony and reception in the amazing 108 Budleigh! Again and again we’ve photographed weddings there and it’s awesome to see how each one turns out differently. We also had the special opportunity to photograph some of the guys photos at the local Manteo airport seeing as how Cody is a pilot for small air crafts. With all the other photos wrapped up in the charming downtown Manteo waterfront area, I’m stoked to have sort of ended the year in my stomping grounds! Here are a few images from Cody and Jenilee’s wedding! Enjoy!